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Frequently Asked Questions unsolicited demos for CD deals.


Do recording companies really listen to demos people send them in the mail?
Yes some absolutely do, however some do not. This website researches and uses our connections to find only record companies who are accepting and listening to demos in our monthly updated assortment of record companies provided to you as a member of our website, for you to send your music to.

What do the words "Unsolicited Material" mean?
In music business talk, "Unsolicited Material" or "Unsolicited Demo" means music of yours that you send to a record company which the record company did not specifically ask you for. For example: if you sent a demo CD to Warner Bros. record company without a Warner Bros. employee representative giving you permission and asking you to send your CD to him, this is what would be considered "Unsolicited Material," a demo CD that was not requested by the record company.
So if you call a recording company on the phone and ask them if you can send your demo to them and they tell you, "Sorry we do not accept unsolicited material." this means they do not accept or listen to music sent in randomly from the public.

Which record companies accept "unsolicited material"?
This is not a question that can be answered directly, because some companies accept your material and some don't. However there is a theory which generally stays consistent...The larger, more popular and older a record company is the more likely they are not to accept unsolicited material from the public...However the companies that are newer or  indie (independent labels)  usually will accept unsolicited material.

How do I make my "unsolicited" demo material "solicited"?
As mentioned above, in order for your demo to be considered "solicited" someone from the record company needs to give you permission to send it to them or ask you to send it to them, this can happen in a variety of ways. If you hire an agent, like a real talent agent, or a fairly respected manager or entertainment lawyer, and they contact the record company and submit your music for you, then this is usually the most common way of making your material solicited. Many record companies who don't accept unsolicited demos really mean that they will not accept them directly from you, they require an agent to submit your music to them on your behalf, an agent who is professional and knows the business.  Also a record company talent scout might see you perform somewhere or might have heard of your reputation and they see you in a club someplace and give you a card and tell you to send them a CD. This is also considered sending your material in as "solicited."
If you are just getting started as a new artist trying to get your first deal it is recommended that you don't try to get an agent  to represent you because this can cost you lots of money and if your music
"sucks" it will still "suck" as a "solicited" CD that your agent/manager/lawyer representative submits to you. Paying an agent to submit your music to a record company can cost you $1000's more or less.  As a new artist you are better off sending your demo to recording companies who accept unsolicited material directly from you. If you have real talent you will get noticed. 

Do people really get record deals from sending demos to record companies?
Yes they do.  For a fact they do.  Members of this site have gotten deals, and it is not just normal people who subscribe to this site, there have been some fairly well known people who have used this site. People who were on reality tv shows and things like that where they are not hugely popular but do already have some public recognition. Mostly though it is regular people with talent who get opportunities from this website.  One thing you should be educated about is that getting a record deal or getting the opportunity to work with a record company does not mean you automatically get rich and famous, it means as the words say, the record company is willing to "deal" with you to give you an opportunity to prove that you have work ethic, work well with others and are not insane and if you show promise you will get more and more opportunity and  money that comes along with your performance as an artist.  Too many people watch too many movies and think that record companies have unlimited amounts of money and they hand out million dollar checks like they were handing out candy. Unless you have family members in the recording industry, or have proven yourself on a smaller record label  it is very unlikely you will see much money on your first deal as a new artist. Music is not a get rich quick plan, you have to work hard, be willing to learn and have patience. Most of all you have to be good and have a good demo CD recording.  Anyone who says they sent their demo CD to tons of record companies who accept  unsolicited  material and never got anywhere with it are artist whose demos were not good. It IS TRUE that most people do not get signed  from sending demos to record companies,  but this is because most demo recordings are very bad, the sound of the recording is bad and the songs are either also very bad or sad attempts to copy the style of another artist or group.  If your demo  has a good audio sound and the songwriting is excellent and the singer or rapper doesn't suck then you will usually get some kind of positive response from the majority of record companies you send your demo to. And that's the truth.

How do I get a record deal?
A short and simple question but a question that gets asked frequently. You get a record deal by first making a recording of your music and then getting someone at a record company to hear it and enjoy it by either mailing a CD to them, a Myspace page link or other website link with your music on it or by someone from the record company  hearing you perform somewhere and you impress them so much they want to do business with you.

I want a record deal !?
Unsure if this is a question or demand, but it is a frequent request. The answer to this is first decide what music you want to play, develop your skills, make a decent recording put it on CD or mp3, get opinions from friends and when you think you are ready, begin the process of sending your music to record companies.

What payment options are there to pay my membership subscription fee to this site?
The only payments we accept at this time are by VISA, Master Card or JCB credit card payments or VISA & Master Card Debit Cards/ATM Cards.  Also we accept online Check payment, if you have a checking account you can  pay by secure e-Check. Sorry we do not accept Money Orders, Cash, or PayPal. All of our payment transactions are handled by the internet's most reputable, state of the art and trusted secure online payment processor CCBill . If you ever have any billing questions or concerns you can contact their customer service 24 hours a day and they will be happy to assist you.  We understand that not everybody has VISA or Master Card credit or debit cards, but because of the way this website is integrated into an automated payment and customer password access method, our online payment processor is not able to manually add new memberships if you send in money orders or cash at this time, nor are they set up to accept PayPal. PayPal and CCBill are 2 different payment processors that use different software systems. Sorry for any inconvenience. Maybe this will change in the future.

How do I become a member and get full access to your Music Biz Etc. Site?
Go to the sign-up page and pay your membership subscription fee, you will then you will  immediately get your access codes to be able to enter the members only area of this website, then you can begin the process of sending your music to a variety of record companies who will listen to your demo?


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