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  This website is for musical artists who are looking for talent scouts inside the music business to listen to your music to try to get a music deal. When you become a member of this website you get your username & password that gives you unlimited access inside the "members only" area where you will be given the locations, people, addresses, e-mails and other info you need to know about how and where to send your demo songs, beats, instrumentals, audition CD, or your mp3's or your website.(Most recording companies only accept your music on CD's sent to them in the mail.).  Many artists use this website for a variety of reasons that meet their personal needs. Some simply want a recording company's opinion / feedback of their music and some artist's already know they are good and are now just trying to get some kind of a recording, performance or producer deal.

  Every month this website hand picks the best and newest record companies who have agreed to listen to new music sent to them from you. This site Music Biz. Etc. is a subscription site which means we charge money to access this site to get this valuable information. It is similar to buying your favorite magazine each month, except with Music Biz. Etc. you can cancel your subscription to this website at anytime. The minimum amount of subscription time you can pay for is 1 month (30 Days) for full access to the website.  You can subscribe for just 1 month or continue your subscription for as many months as you need to get the responses or opportunities from the record  companies you are satisfied with. This is not a free website because it costs us money to operate it and to spend the time researching and collecting the record company information from companies to find out who will listen to (unsolicited music). Unsolicited music means music sent to the record company from a stranger or someone they do not know.

  When we say "Musical Artists" use this website this means anyone who plays or writes any kind of music. For example, you could  be a Songwriter, Rapper, Hip Hop artist Band (any music style),  a Singer, a Group (any music style like a Hip Hop group or R&B group or Production group or dance or Trance music etc..). This also includes solo musicians who play individual instruments or write or make or perform any of the already mentioned styles.

  So when you subscribe to this website after you pay the small subscription fee $7.95 you immediately get your passwords emailed to you and also displayed on the screen. You can then use your passwords to instantly access the website.

  When you send your music to the recording companies many people want to know how long it will take to hear a response back from them. There is no average time to answer this question. Every record company is different and some are busier than others an some have more employees to help them sort through demo submissions. If the record company allows online demo submissions, then you could get a response back within a week. If you send your CD to the record company in the mail, after taking into consideration the time it takes for mail to travel to and from the record company, it could take 3 weeks or longer, it depends on how busy the record company is.

 So that is what this website is about. You have a musical recording and want a record deal or at least a record company's opinion of your music and 'Music Biz. Etc.' provides you with the proper music industry contacts to send your music to in order to accomplish your objectives.

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