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Send Music Demo Recording or Audition Video to Major Record Label A&R contact now looking for new talent in Los Angeles, CA and All USA, searching for new music artists;  Wanted; Musicians, Male / Female Singers, Vocalist, Songwriters, All Styles; Pop, Rock, R&B, Hip Hop, Rapper, Top 40, Pianist, Keyboardist, Beat Maker, Lead / Rhythm Guitarist / Bassist, Drummer, Background Singers needed for signed bands / record deals, holding open casting call email auditions, singing auditions & online auditions. ( Apply Now! Looking for talented individuals to join our team! Getting a record deal with a major label is no easy feat. ).
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Prepare. If you're lucky enough to get an audition for a job opening or career opportunity, you better make sure it's a good one. Decide which song to sing and rehearse it as much as you can. Practicing in front of a mirror, recording your vocals or videotaping your performance and watching it back can help you determine what you need to improve, then aspiring musicians and singers can submit a video tape or social media channel youtube, facebook, twitter or youtube channel.

Record Label Holding Auditions for New Music Artists in Los Angeles, Nashville